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When it comes to building brand loyalty, all of the “old school” marketing principles originally devised over a century ago in the brick and mortar world still applies to both the modern “real” and online marketplaces. A single loyal customer brings you more return on your investment than spending time, money and energy to get new customers all of the time. Here are 5 successful traditional ways to build brand loyalty with your customers, so that they convert to a member, give you their email and trust what you have to offer time after time.

#1  Know what your customers desire and what they value most.

Brand loyalty is created when you have successfully conveyed to your customers that you share common values. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to discover what they are looking for when they come to you and avoid doing anything that might turn them off. These are your people, so use their language and lingo, create a community and engage them in common concerns and causes. This type of familiarity positions you as an expert and if your prices are right, will also turn them into a repeat customer.

#2  Let them know you value and respect their feedback.

Be sure to listen to customers who approach you with suggestions or complaints. In fact, dealing with negative feedback publicly is a very good idea, especially if you deal with it in a polite proactive way. It is also a great idea to offer your customers the opportunity to provide you with feedback after every purchase or experience with you.

#3  Reward customers with discounts, coupons and special events and offers.

Make sure that your customers give you their email address by either offering the option via a pop up box to receive discounts, newsletters or other important information.  “The money is in the list!”, as the saying goes so make sure that you have some kind of contact garnering program in place. In 2020, the trend is to not let people enter your site, without providing an email, but this “gatekeeping:” approach does not always work when it comes to customer retention.

#4  Offer an exceptional customer experience.

Very few people return to a website or a store if their first trip there felt impersonal or abusive, unless you are the only game in town when it comes to what you want. Even if your product is excellence, it is human nature to remember a merchant who has offered kindness and respect. Effective customer service is paramount when it comes to creating loyalty to your brand.

#5   Make sure that your technology interacts seamlessly with your customer.

The efficiency of your website is incredibly important because in the end, it is the only way your customers can access your services and products. You don’t want to frustrate your customer right at the entrance of your virtual gate by offering them 404 pages, a lack of backspacing to a previous page or the inability to travel from your checkout, after adding your item, back to browsing your pages. Offer them the optimum experience when it comes to every step of doing a transaction with your business.

Remember that in the end customer retention is all about becoming a true partner with your clients and offering then a community to interact with and a relatability and reliability that creates a sense of belonging

Do you feel that your web design and content needs a creative intervention in order to maximize your sales, membership and conversions?  Contact us at Six50 Studios we offer services such as web and graphic design, content creation, video creation and assistance with your social media. Remember, when it comes to brand loyalty you are only as good as the sophistication and efficiency of your online presence, which of course will maximize your sales and conversions.