Whether it be on a blog, video or on social media, one of the most powerful calls to action you can make is to command your visitors to Like, Subscribe and Share. There are very ways you can phrase this command so that it is most effective.  Here are some suggestions:

“Please Like, Subscribe and Share” is the simplest way for you to phrase this call to action. It is succinct, concise and works with almost any type of social media platform. It is a go-to phrase that can be part of your identity because it can be put on a photo or video or even run as a signature below your business name. It can be put in your description or in a comment on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you have a video on Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok, you can verbally ask your viewers to ”Like, Subscribe and Share.”

The Benefits of Like, Subscribe and Share

The value marketing strategy behind this phrase “Like, Subscribe and Share” is, of course, to make your content, in whatever form it takes, “go viral.”

LIKE, mostly represented by the “thumbs up” icon attracts the notice of other members of the social media platform that your viewer is using. This often shows up in the Liker’s feed and may encourage others to follow and like your post, and perhaps visit your blog or site.

SUBSCRIBE works well with all websites and blogs and especially YouTube. Subscription is important because as they say “the money is in list.”  If they are subscribing to a blog, it is best to install some type of automated pop-up to ask for your visitor’s email either before they get inside your blog or website or right after. Subscribe also works well with YouTube, because your viewers will be notified each time you post new material for them to watch.

SHARE is a crucial call-to-action if you are on social media. Sharing helps your information, in whatever form it is go viral, garnering more Likes and Subscriptions. The Share button is the equivalent of the old fashioned personal “referral”, especially if it is accompanied by an endorsement such as the Like icon or a positive comment below the post. Even if the comment from the person Sharing is controversial it can still lead to people viewing your blog, site or social media post and provoke them to get to know more about you.

Of course, not every online business will have a Subscribe feature enables on certain social media platforms.  A good example of this kind of situation would be Facebook. In that case, you could add the command to bottom of a post or in-context on a picture. The statement would have to be amended to simply “Please Like and Share”, or “Please Like and Share This Post.”  Other variations on this command to action also include “Follow me!”, or a call to Follow or Friend you on other social media platforms: “Follow Me on Instagram!” or “Friend Me on Facebook!” 

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