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It seems that the era of “set and forget automation is here to stay. It takes quite a bit of time and TLC to get these systems running, but once you do, it is truly is possible to let your automation techniques ramp up your sales for you.  There are two different types of automation that can help you stay in regular contact with prospects and existing customers.  Both automations focus on targeting subscribers with a real message in real time with the difference that B2C focuses on the personal approach and B2B provides useful, informative content. In this article, we are going to focus on the top 5 ways you can use automation as part of a successful marketing strategy.

#1  Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a term that describes an attentive acquisition where someone who provided their email is immediately added to the appropriate contact list and then sent an email with a welcoming message. Your automated process has already noted their interested while browsing your products or services, then sends the prospect a targeted letter or demo video to convert them into members or buyers.

#2  Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an automated method of tracking that shows you where each of your prospects or customers are in their passage towards making a purchase. This type of marketing automation assigns points each time a customer revisits your site, browses a product page or shows interest in any way in your brand. This way you can focus on marketing to those people who seem most interested and most likely to make a purchase rather than  on those that are more disinterested.

#3  Multi-Channel Campaigns

A Multi-Channel campaign is one that keeps reminding your customer or prospect that you are through all possible ways in including social media sites, emails, SMS, and direct mail. This requires marketing software that can garner personal contact information of all kinds from your customer.

#4   Automated Contact Segmentation

CRM software and list segmentation is recommended for those who want the highest engagement possible with their customers.  This type of automation moves customers into separate lists and is often used in B2B to manifest deep personalization so that each customer feels attended to and unique.  It does this by automatically assigning attributes to created customer profiles.

#5   Page Tracking

Page tracking is automated software that uses your customer’s website behavior to automatically trigger automated marketing campaigns. It does this by installing a tracking code, usually in the form of javascript. This tells you whenever a subscriber, (someone who has already signed up with you, opens an email or clicks a link on your site.

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