If you want to engage with your customers then make it part of your strategy to have real conversations with them. Instead of making endless presentations and sales pitches to them try using tactics that encourage your customers to interact with you and other customers and visitors to your site.  This makes your customers feel that you understand them and that they are not at the mercy of automated systems or a nameless corporation

Here are 5 ways to make conversations with your customers part of your branding strategy.

#1  Introduce yourself to each new member.

Go one step further than just posting your bio on your website. Your new members and clients will be quite impressed if you are able to welcome a new online customer, member, follower or prospect t with a personalized brief message. Of course this is a function that can be automated with a standard, genuine-sounding greeting once they give you their email address. If not try to do it in person or hire a social media assistant to do it on your Instagram or Facebook feed.

#2  Create a community on social media.

Never underestimate a person’s need to belong to a group or to an exclusive club. There are many ways to do this, especially on social media. Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Facebook rooms and Facebook group messages all come to mind when it comes to creating community on social media.  Linked In Groups and Google+Communities are similar forums that can help promote togetherness. You can use these forums to answer member questions, have topical discussions, post exciting news and sell branded merchandise.

#3  Offer coupons, discounts, point cards and contests with prizes.

One way to engage with your customers is to give them special deals and free stuff.  People are very motivated to meet a goal that results in an extra perk of some kind.  For instance, if you run a dog-grooming site, you could have contest that challenges your members to submit their funniest pictures of their dogs. If they book nine appointments for a dog grooming you could give them the tenth one for free.

#4   Ask them for feedback about your product.

When you ask for feedback from the members of your online community, it makes them feel like they are part of your team. It is very important to directly address negative feedback to show that you do listen and that what you are willing to make improvements if necessary.

#5  Organize a real-life or online gathering or event.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders that come with it, it is more likely that you will be hosting an online event with live streaming on Zoom, You Tube or Facebook.  When things return to normal you can organize educational trips or even charge your members for a special performance, seminar or even a meet-and-greet holiday.

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