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Sometimes you post a great blog article , or you have a social media post that you like to pin to the top of your site .  It has brought clients and customers to you for years because it is somehow basic to your entire business identity or it has some kind of social media value because it is infamous , beautiful or startling in some way.  Then you might notice that this content has lost its value in someway. Maybe it’s not as topical, suddenly political incorrect or doesn’t reflect current updates in your field of expertise like it once did.

The good news is that your most popular, yet problematic content can be reframed and updated so that it can continue to use it as part of your marketing strategy.

As your content is actually one of your business assets, you can assess its value to you by asking the following questions

Your Content is a Business Asset

  1. Are your online visitors still engaging with the content?
  2. Is it functional, nicely laid out with working images/links?
  3. Are the links and backlinks working and leading to current live sites?
  4. Can it be used as a “jumping off” point to create more content?
  5. Is it still in alignment with your brand, mission statement and post-Covid marketing strategy?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, your content is likely worth being revitalized through rewriting, adding new images and other methods.

Here are some easy ways to revitalize and update your content.

#1   Do a keyword search and find current topical keywords to update the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to include in a rewrite of the article. Then use these keywords to also update your technical SEO as well as any tags and your in-context and out-context blog or article descriptions.

#2   Cut stale out-of-date content from the website if necessary and replace it with new relevant or more exciting information.

Simple Ways to Update Your Content

#3    Make sure that any other site that links or back links your post links to still exists and that none of your links are broken.

#5   Optimize and compress the imagery on your site so that the article loads faster.  Replace any images that seem out of date or that are not properly credited.

Sometimes your piece of content, brilliant as it is, does become stale in which case you should consider retiring it or putting it in an archive. If you do keep it, you can also addend it with a header explaining why the content might still be of interest to some individuals but you realize that it is now off-brand, too time-specific or that you have other similar articles.

Do you need to revitalize your current content or replace it completely? Contact us at Six50 Studios where we provide all you will ever need to create or revitalize your online content and help you determine what is working for your content marketing strategy.  We can help you navigate the challenges of 2020 with new concepts, web, and graphic design, content creation, video, and social media posts.