Responsive web design sounds a bit complicated, but all it really means is that your website looks the same no matter what type of device it is viewed on. This means that your content uploads quickly, lacks glitches and looks good on any device screen whether it be a desktop computer, laptop or cell phone.

The Advantages of a Responsive Website

Having a responsive website or blog is imperative nowadays because so many are shopping for services online.  You don’t want to lose a client or customer because they cannot navigate your website successfully under any circumstances, but especially because an image is cut-off or they can’t load your shopping cart.  Aside from being user-friendly and offering an outstanding reach out, a mobile-friendly design is likely to be ranked higher in the search engines, just simply because more people are able to see it. In this regard, a highly responsive website can help you have the edge over your competition, especially if they don’t have one.

Yet another advantage to having a responsive website is that you do not have to build three separate formats.  Anytime you need to make changes you can do it from the same coded webpage and the changes reflect in their appropriate proportion on all of their devices

Attributes of a Great Responsive Design

A great responsive design will automatically adjust images, screen resolutions, headers and text-blocks so they look great on your screen. This is thanks to a fluid grid technology that allows your content, including images  to adjust within any new  automatically. All you have to do is post content, update branding and choose the themes and colors that you have in mind. 

Responsive designs are a real time-saver, because you can make most changes instantaneously and they also allow you to update every device simultaneously in time. This also means that you can be more spontaneous with your content.

Responsive designs also enhance your user’s experience as they upload much faster than archaic designs that cannot adjust to all of the different device screen formats.

Why You Must Update to a Responsive Design Now

In the age of Covid-19 more people than ever are online using whatever device they have and the poverty cause by the isolation measures may mean that some people may only be able to access the internet from a mobile phones.

Another trend shows that cell phone devices and tablets are getting larger and many cell phone models actually fold. Creating or updating your website structure now will also help you stay ahead of the curve in the future so that you are never facing a complete rebuild of your site, although this may be necessary if your site is archaic because it is more than 5 years old.

Are you the owner of an archaic website that does not look great on all devices? Or maybe you want to create the ultimate, modern website. Contact us at Six50 Studios where we provide all you will ever need to create or revitalize your online content as well as make sure that you are using the appropriate responsive design. We can help you navigate the challenges of 2020 with new concepts, web and graphic design, content creation, video and social media posts that looks great on all devices.