Many people have just been switching off the news, so far in 2020, because to them it is a constant negative stream of what might be false information or fake news. All kinds of negative messages are flashed at them in the form of videos, photos, memes and news updates on every type of social media.  Arguments, sarcasm and cognitive dissonance seems to rule the Internet lately as does conspiracy theory and propaganda.

You might be wondering how this trend impacts your blog, website or social media. The fact is that people are desperate for good news and at this point in history will likely gravitate more towards a website that has something positive to say about humanity and the world in general.  They are also looking for straight talk that uses logic, expresses hope and can prove its sources and results.  However, what they are mostly looking for is hope in the form of an exclusive group that they can be a part of.

Most People Are Motivated By Emotion

Most marketers, social media experts and content providers are already aware that most people are motivated by emotion when they go shopping or search for a group to join.  In fact, during a shopping experience the human brain releases dopamine, which is a brain chemical that has a role in determining our ability to experience pleasure.  It also plays a role in addiction. If you want people to become addicted to your site then it might be a good idea to post “feel good stories”, rather than news items or controversial material. Biased, political or sarcastic material as well as stories that focus on fear of Covid-19, tend to produce a chemical called cortisol that causes initial feelings of excitement and then a sense of fatigue and burnout.

Categories of Feel Good Content

Feel good content works best on social media and second best on a blog. The idea is that you are posting very light, cheerier or funnier content in order to make a solid emotional connection.

Examples of feel-good content include:

Anything positive to do with pets or animals

Stories about every day heroes

Stories about the good old days and retro anything, including fashion and décor

Inspirational quotes and memes

How-to articles about hobbies, arts or crafts

Information about fashion, makeup and shopping

Content about “escapist activities” including travel and camping

Contests, quizzes and games

It is important as well to keep your copy and your visuals up to the highest standard you can manage as well as have a high functioning website that does not frustrate or irritate your visitor in any way.

Don’t Forget the Eye Candy

Feel good content is also enhanced by videos with high-production values, great photographs, high-quality music, charming or witty GIFs and also games, contests and quizzes.  This will help your customers switch off the news and switch on to you.

Do you need to give your current content a positive spin or replace it completely? Contact us at Six50 Studios where we provide all you will ever need to create or revitalize your online content and help you determine what is working for your content marketing strategy.  We can help you navigate the challenges of 2020 with new concepts, web, and graphic design, content creation, video, and social media posts.