Creating social media content can be time consuming, especially if you are planning on doing at least a blog a day and posts on major social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram every day. One blessing that comes with having a blog like WordPress or Blogger is that you can schedule what you want to post far into the future using post-dating publishing features. This is not possible on most social media, which puts you in the position of listing your ideas or filing away your meme ideas, videos and status updates in some kind of social media calendar that can automatically post to your wall or platform on the specific required date.

 Attributes of a Great Social Media Calendar

There are some must-have attributes that a social media calendar must have that offer many benefits.

#1   Choose a social media calendar that has a tracker of poste content. It can indicate which of your posts are duds and which are receiving the most attention. This helps you get an indication of what kind of content your visitors really want to see from you when they visit your website.

#2   Your social media calendar must allow you to schedule posts. The ability to time your publishing for you is what makes a social calendar more than a regular calendar or an excel sheet that tracks what you have posted.

#3   It must post to all of your social media platforms at once. This makes sure that your business is not over posting into one form of social media and totally missing out on posting in another. No aspect of your social media strategy is neglected

#4  A great social media will give you prompts about holidays, birthdays or important dates that you input into its scheduler. This way you can upload the timely content you want to publish well in advance of the actual date when it will be officially posted to your platforms.

Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

Finally, you cannot underestimate the importance of having a strong social media presence at this particular time when isolation from the Covid-19 pandemic has forced just about everybody with a business to become virtual. A calendar that works both as a note-taker and as a scheduling device is invaluable when it comes to easing your overall workload and freeing up your time. It allows you to sit back and think about the bigger picture when it comes to strategizing the marketing of your business.

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