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As the digital landscape changes so does the expectations of your consumers, clients and members. Although they may look for your website or blog in a Google Search they are just as likely to try and find you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  The fact that people are rely on the information and entertainment posted on different platforms to assess whether or not that want to do business with you puts you in the position of providing them with all the relevant content that is possible.

Here are some ways in which consumer expectations and other factors have affected how brand should engage with customers.

More Engagement with Customers is Crucial

Gone are the days when you could just post an ad, and your customers would react by visiting your site. If you do not have ways of interacting with customers and responding to customer needs on your social media or site your visitor is going to regard their whole experience as one-sided conversation. Aside from the product you might find yourself providing chats and online help to help allay your customer’s insecurity about shopping online. Even if the interaction is just with a bot, your customers are more likely to interact with you in this way.

Offer Several Ways to Purchase from You

It used to be expected that most people could just use their credit card online, but not anymore. That is because the ravages of the unemployment caused by the Covid 19 pandemic caused people to lose their credit. The more payment options that you offer in terms of debit/credit, PayPal, Payoneer, Online Check and Interac Transfer then the more customers you are going to attract from all different walks of life. Doing so shows that you understand them at that you are a versatile provider of products and services.

Create a Community with Customers Using Social Media

Familiarize yourself with all the tools that your social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook, have to offer to maximize interactivity with your site visitors. Find your most popular content and repurpose it in your marketing campaigns. Ask questions, post polls and make social listening and community engagement your primary focus. Use social media for what it was actually designed for, which is to make a connection.

In this new digital landscape, you need to adapt to the fact that brands and consumers are evolving to demand more exciting and interesting content. This means that content needs to be created to satisfy a broader audience in multiple social media locations.

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