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If you are an expert at anything or considered to be the “guru” of the product or service you sell, or if you want to become that all-knowing trusted expert, then you need to consider guest blogging as a social media marketing strategy. Guest blogging is the inverse of blogging inside your own site or backing up what you have to say with links connecting your readers to all kinds of websites that you rather they not go to as they could be selling similar products or services. Although backlinking could get you traffic, it could also lead your viewers astray to a more compelling site. Writing a piece that reveals your particular for other blogs that discuss a niche related to you makes you the ultimate expert and compels readers to come to you.

Making Yourself That Expert Who Is Indispensable

The key to convincing other sites that you are a guru is to stay away from more amateurish, personal forms of blogging and present them with a more sophisticated presentations such as white papers, industry-related case studies or interviews with eclectic, well-known experts who won’t mind you riding their coattails to get a bit of clickbait. Remember that it is your job to be the unique provider of specialized and preferably new information that is not already on the site of the blog that you are pitching.

Leveraging the Latest News

The biggest sin in social media promotion is to be stale. Stale is boring for readers. Make sure that whatever you are writing about is updated and the very latest and greatest news about your niche subject. One way to present industry news, event updates and editorial opinions that are a bit outmoded and then update that information with your own opinion or take that information and link it to a later development. If your readers can see that you are a bit omniscient and can make sense of the overall patterns that are not obvious to them, then you become a special resource.

Get Attention By Challenging What Exists

In order to get the attention of other blog owners it can be a real plus if the information you are offering somehow challenges the status quo and makes you seem unique and different. This is one way around offering the same old stale “expert” information that guest bloggers similar to yourself might be offering on other sites.

Remember that the key to become a successful niche blogger who is widely publicized on other websites and blogs or quoted relentless from on social media is to have solutions that other brands in your field can’t possibly have or never acquire. This helps to send readers to your site, where they will likely sign up to read more because you are now the expert in that niche.

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