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Not all social media platforms suit every business strategy. Your first task as a business owner is to know your customer base, what they what to see from you and how they relate to you. “Giving the people what they want” and you responding accordingly can skyrocket your social media rates. However, before that you have to go to the social platform where you are most likely to find them and broadcast or post from there.

The Strengths of Each Social Media Platform

Here is a summary of what each social media platform can do for you –

*Facebook is best for customizing your social media marketing and personal engagement

*Instagram is best for creating visual stories, indirect pitches to buy and leading visitors to your website

*Twitter is best for polls, conversations, personal stories and receiving feedback from customers

*YouTube is best for posting videos that directly drive viewers to your company webpage

*TikTok is best for telling short stories that personalize and humanize your business presence

*Pinterest is best for using images to lead the potential customer directly to your website

There is a lot of contention about which platform is best for business, with some considering TikTok to be for younger people, Facebook for the older crowd, Twitter for those who like contentious things, Instagram for arty types and Pinterest for those who like crafts. There is a consensus that YouTube is an excellent place to have an online presence because you can post biographies, how-to videos and longer more in-depth tales.

The Drawbacks of Using Social Media for Business

Whenever you conduct a social media campaign there is that risk that somehow it will backfire on you and attract bad publicity. Nowadays it does not take much to accidentally create a contentious post. Even after you have made amends, the bad publicity can follow you around like a bad odor. That is why it is important, if you have ghostwriters or employees posting for you to try and “vet” every post to make sure it is a great one.  Sometimes it is not even your very vocal online customers trying to take you down, it can be the platform itself for violating community standards or other rules. For instance, Instagram accounts have been known to disappear for pushy direct selling in post.

Yet another issue is that it can take a lot of time and energy to post on multiple social platform sites a day. A problem is being shadow-banned on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook for posting the same content. For the most part these platforms appreciate content that is create uniquely for them.

The best way to guarantee your success on social media is to go with a plan. Sometimes this plan might mean posting on each platform you that you plan to use and other times it might mean not posting on any platforms at all.  Hiring a company to do it for you, the writing, filming and posting of content can go a long way towards helping you optimize your business on these social platforms.

Contact us at Six50 Studios where we provide all you will ever need to create a strong social media presence and help you determine what platforms will succeed for your content marketing strategy and what posts should be scheduled when.  We can help you navigate the challenges of the upcoming New Year with new concepts, web and graphic design, content creation, video and social media posts.

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