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You may have noticed that Facebook has made it a little harder for you to get your Facebook posts seen by your followers. This is because Facebook has made a few changes to its algorithms that determine how often your followers will see your posts, if it all. This is in their quest to keep the Facebook platform populated with users who practice authentic engagement.

Make Sure Your Facebook Posts Are Always Seen

Here are some ways that you can leverage how Facebook now determines whether your posts are seen in your follower’s feeds.

A video must be viewed to 60% of its full length seen to rank as “compelling.”  If someone watches your video for 3 seconds, that may not even be considered a view. Videos that are watched to the very end get the most play in Facebook feeds, getting your advertising message across more often to your followers. The more your FB follower is encouraged within the video to watch it to the end, within your YouTube or Vimeo content, the more likely they will watch it to the end.

Posts with less likes will not rank as highly as post with likes. Posts with a lot of negative comments will also be seen as inauthentic.  If your posts receive a lot of likes, the Facebook algorithm bots will rank your business page as “authentic” and give it more views to your followers in their feeds. This is why controversial posts are not such a good idea if you are interested in truly promoting your business. You could get a lot of high views and then a shadow-ban by Facebook if you get hundreds of negative comments.

Begging for likes, comments or shares may get you penalized. Never command people to like or subscribe to your content as the Facebook bots may see that as inauthentic and reduce the number of times it is seen in a feed.

Never fake going live. If you are caught using a looping animation to try and pretend you are conducting a FB livestream, you might end up having your business page removed.

Keeping Your Facebook Posts Real

This of course is all in the name of Facebook ramping up its standards when it comes to keeping all of its engagements honest, real and authentic. It is important to realize that you have to EARN those likes and shares by posting relevant quality content.

Of course, your posts will definitely be seen if you decide to pay for Facebook ads, however that is what is considered to be an inorganic reach.  You don’t actually want to pay for targeted Facebook Ads; you want to try to get people looking at your posts because they intrigue and excite them.

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