Keeping your customers hooked on your social media can sometimes seem like a bottomless pit that you have to constantly fill with new content. Customer or member retention lately, seems to be about how many videos you can post a day and how deftly you can keep creating the kinds of addictive propaganda that keeps them back for more. Thankfully you do not have to brainstorm a new video a day. Keeping your content fresh and relevant can be all about reframing or redoing content you know already succeeds with your clients as a texted post or as a photo or image post. Here are some new and inventive ways to get.

Turn a Popular Blog Post Into A Video

If you have a popular blog post then consider repurposing it as a script for a video. Video posts generate a lot more engagement on social media than posts with texts. You do not have to film full blog as a video; it can even be a short teaser or commercial that directs people to your original blog, which means you can post it on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also film yourself talking or create a video from existing footage or hire content creation specialists to do a video for you.  Sometimes just changing the format of solid information is enough to garner your site more visitors.

Create a How-To Behind the Scenes Video

People love self-help videos that teach them how things are done. If you are selling a product, make a video showing them how to assemble it or use it. A good example would be a video along the lines of “How to make a café latte with this new espresso machine.” You can also give them tips on how to clean the machine or trouble-shoot problems. People also enjoy videos that show them exactly how a product is made or that introduces them to the team that works behind-the-scenes video.

Generate a Video From Customer Feedback

A fantastic way to generate content is to get on camera and respond to customer queries and feedback live and then post it as a video. This approach to generating video content establishes you as a guru in your field of expertise and it also demonstrates the kind of personal engagement that that prompts Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to boost your video to the top of their rankings.

Product or Company Announcements or Milestone

Did your company just get a rave review from a celebrity, celebrate a tenth anniversary or invent a completely new product that nobody in your industry has even thought of yet? Make sure you make the most of any of your company’s milestones only and be sure that whenever you do post a milestone you find a way to make that customer part of the celebration, by thanking them and perhaps offering a discount or some other type of perk.

Contact us at Six50 Studios where we provide all you will ever need to create a strong media presence through the consistent posting of videos. We can you determine what is working for your content marketing strategy and what posts can be scripted and repurposed into videos that have your customers or members constantly checking your feed to see what you might be up to this week.

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