The key to customer engagement and retention these days is to encourage interaction with your site.  Quizzes are a wonderful way to have conversations with your customers that also help you get to know them a little better. Offering a quiz can also be a way of creating lead generation if you insert an opt-in form on the results page. You can also deny your reader the results of the quiz until they have shared it with one more person, which also helps you to generate leads to your site.  The “prize” for winning the quiz is often the quiz results and it can me generated messages or badges that allow readers to share their findings across multiple social media platforms.

Types of Quizzes to Offer Your Visitors

There are dozens of quiz types that you can deploy on your blog, site or social media to draw your viewer in, but here are just a few that would likely suit you.

Personality Quiz

A personality quiz entails that you provide your reader with an personality based on the way that they respond to a series of questions.  A popular example of this type of question would be “Which Friend’s Character are You?” In these quizzes six questions are posed to the player with multiple choice answers with to each one assigned to a particular character. If the majority of the answers fall under one character, for example Phoebe, then that is the result of the personality quiz.

Score Based Quizzes

These types of quizzes are like tests, where your customers get points for each correct answer. The questions can relate somehow to your product. For example, if you are selling espresso machines, you could ask simple questions like “Do you use cream or milk for a macchiato?” and in the end your customer receives some kind of badge or points for answering correctly.

True or False Trivia Quizzes

True or false trivia quizzes are very similar to scored one except the player is offered an answer to choose from. This is a fun way to educate them about a product or trend that is on your site.

A Decision Making Quiz

A Decision Making Quiz is usually quite educational and along the lines of “Are you ready to buy a home?” This type of quiz can be ten questions or longer and also be used to gather information about who your website visitor is. If the person gets “yes” you can then offer them more products and services about how to buy a house. They become an official lead.

The quizzes listed above are some of the more popular ones but there are other types as well, including creative generator quizzes, guided quizzes and quizzes designed to market multiple products.

At Six50 Studios we can assist you with creating quizzes and polls that are sure to engage your customers as well as help you find out more about them. We can also provide web and graphic design, content creation, video, and assistance with creating your own unique approach to building an online presence that can serve as a powerful draw to your online business.

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