Creating compelling and attractive material is only half the battle in marketing. Content Amplification is part of the process to make sure your marketing efforts are reaching their peak performance. Have you considered your Content Amplification plan? 

Content Amplification is what gets your content seen across numerous platforms to broaden its reach and impact. There are many mediums that can be used to achieve this, and a comprehensive amplification plan is what is going to help you reach your audience with maximized efficiency. 

We can help you spread the scope of your audience beyond organic means by using email marketing campaigns, social media selections, optimized referrals, local and online paid advertising, and many more options. Our team can not only help you target the best avenues to reach your audiences, but can help you make a plan to enhance existing marketing efforts and take your business to a whole new level of exposure. 

When gauging your best strategy, we can help you explore: 

  • Industry focused social media pages 
  • Promoted social media advertising 
  • Targeted and branded email campaigns 
  • Specialized content (white papers, case studies, etc.) 
  • Media relationships and press coverage 
  • Blogs and influencer opportunities 
  • Visual advertisements and online publications 
  • Advertorials in targeted industry publications 

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